On March 21, 2018 Governor Gary Herbert signed House Bill 272 – Utah Lake Amendments into law. HB 272 contains legislative findings on the condition of Utah Lake which state:

  1. Utah Lake currently faces serious challenges, including:
    1. fluctuating lake levels;
    2. uncontrolled, toxic algal blooms;
    3. loss of native vegetation;
    4. invasive fish and plant species;
    5. loss of littoral zone plants;
    6. suspended silt on the lake bottom;
    7. poor water clarity;
    8. heavy nutrient loading of lake sediments and within the water column; and
    9. high wind and wave action;
  2. initial conservation efforts are producing measurable results and demonstrate that conservation solutions can produce restoration objective on Utah Lake;
  3. additional and significant conservation investments are needed to implement the comprehensive solutions needed to fully restore Utah Lake and its water quality;
  4. there is not a reasonable public funding source to undertake the comprehensive solutions needed to restore Utah Lake; and
  5. it is in the interest of the state to undertake a comprehensive restoration of Utah Lake for the benefit of public trust uses on the lake.

HB 272 also:

  1. Authorizes the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands to dispose of state land in exchange for the execution of a project for the comprehensive restoration of Utah Lake; and
  2. Provides for land transferred to a private party to become subject to applicable land use provisions of state law.