Governor Signs H.C.R. 26

//Governor Signs H.C.R. 26

On 22 Mar 2017, Governor Gary Herbert signed H.C.R. 26 Concurrent Resolution Urging Restoration of Utah Lake into law. In an effort to find a solution, the Utah Legislature passed a concurrent resolution during the 2017 legislative session which sets forth important objectives for the restoration of Utah Lake. The resolution, H.C.R. 26, sponsored by Representative Mike McKell and Senator Deidre Henderson, passed with significant bi-partisan support. We applaud the leaders of the State for their acknowledgment of the need for solutions to the Lake’s significant challenges. H.C.R. 26 encourages the following three objectives:

    Restore a vibrant fishery, including the Bonneville cutthroat trout population and recovering the June sucker, while improving habitat for water-
    fowl and other wildlife species.
    Accelerate solutions to remove invasive plant species, restore littoral zone plant communities, and restore native plant species on Utah Lake’s shoreline.
    Maximize and ensure recreational access and opportunities on Utah Lake, while also improving
    lake use for Utah and its citizens.
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